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Here are some essentials to help you on your quest to understand the impact that Joe has on the Brooklyn Community for many years.  

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Joseph Packer officially launches his campaign to become a City Council Member for 2021.


Joseph Packer addresses the crowd.


Joseph Packer officially addresses the Community regarding violence.


Joseph Packer officially addresses the Community regarding violence.


•Community Advocate and Community Organizer
•Instrumental in the Creation and the Construction of the Coney Island YMCA and the PS 188 gymnasium
•Instrumental in the Design and Reconstruction of Kaiser Park
•Assisted in the funding of a new Senior Center and Senior Program
•Influenced the formulation of The United Minister’s Alliance
•Advocated for the eventual and future NY Ferry Services to Coney Island

•Advocated for the fight to retain the local Boys and Girls Club

•Fought for Quality Education to give Parents and Communities a Voice on their local School Board and later Community Educational Council while advocating for smaller class sizes 

•Provided several Bus Trips to Washington, DC to demonstrate and March for Community Fairness and Human Right Causes , including “ The Million Man March”
•Ambassador of Health Jox in Coney Island a Health /Concert Series to Encourage and Promote Healthy Life Choices with Athletics and Music for All Ages


Joe Watson

Campaign Manager

Dewry Bradford

Branding Director


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"From the first time I met Joe, he presented himself as a giver.  I'd met people out on the street and I mention Packer's name and the same thing... they've had long standing relationships of him being there for people's families."

- Joseph Watson, Brooklyn, NY

HISTORY (continued)

• Instrumental in CI Annual Summer Basketball Tournaments
•Advocated for Better Security Services for Ocean Towers Housing
• Fought against Grenadier Realty Corp Negligence; leading to better Residence Services and the Formation of the “ Chandler Johnson Scholarship Foundation”

•Founded 100 STRONG BOYS TO MEN, Boys Mentoring Group
•Supported the Fannie Lou Hammer / Sojourner Truth Girls Mentoring Group

•Founded The Coney Island Legends and Future Leaders Mentoring Athletic Association

•Prevented the closure of the Sand Castle Daycare (currently Sunshine Day care)

•Assisted in the Creation of the “Coney Island Reunion”, encouraging former and present CI Residents to Unite as ONE FAMILY for a weekend of Fun and Reflection
•Founded the Southern Brooklyn Independent Democratic Club building Partnerships throughout Southern Brooklyn for adequate Representation



is a candidate pursing the office for City Council in District 47. This district serves the Coney Island, Sea Gate, Brighton Beach, Bensonhurst and Gravesend communities.

        Mr. Packer has lived in the Coney Island area for over 50 years. During which time he has seen and experienced the devastation and development in each of these communities and has. played a major and active role.

        His passion for community service derives mainly from his mother’s compassion and other community leaders struggles in helping local disadvantaged residents receive quality housing and better educational opportunities. This influenced an interest in law and social justice work. While at SUNY Brockport, he obtained a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in History minoring in Sociology. Joe’s continual and sincere desire to improve the lives of others at a more personal level, caused him to obtain a M.S. in Social Work from Fordham and a M.A. in Supervision and Administration. From Wall Street to Senior Case Worker to Housing Manages’ Asst. to settling on a career within the N.Y.C. Board of Education as a teacher and an administrator.

During the better part of his 50 years in Coney Island, Joe has been very pro-active. 

        Mr. Packer has organized and/or founded numerous community organizations. Just to mention a few, during the 1980s, P.R.I.D.E. provided employment and services to the elderly and disabled. It also was a Think Tank and was progressive in combating the “quality of life” issues confronting Southern Brooklyn. The South Brooklyn Independent Political Club which collaborated with city unions to encouraged voter registration and moved the community to have a greater voice in the political arena. In 1992 he created a partnership and formed the South Brooklyn Development Corp. The goals included a comprehensive community development plan proving town hall meetings, mentorship and afterschool programs. He also fought and succeeded in the elimination of the then two-fare transit zone. Mr. Packer has and continues to serve on numerous Board of Directors and Advisory Committees in such establishments like C.I. Hospital, YMCA of Coney Island, Heart Share Beacon Program, The Coney Island 

Community Council, which was very supportive in the recovery process from Super Storm Sandy. He is also an Abraham Lincoln H.S. Alumni and sits on the planning committee of the Coney Island Brooklyn Day Parade. He holds leadership positions at the C.I. 7th day Adventist Church. Joe Packer has served as a Councilmanic Aide for 12 years with a previous Councilman Domenic Recchia.

       Mr. Packer is married to Debra Packer, a retired elementary school teacher. Between the two of them they have four adult children and five grandkids.  This is only a small reflection of Mr. Joseph Packer’s accomplishments, skills and acts for these communities. As a tireless worker, his intention is to reach and improve as many lives, whatever the need that may arise under his jurisdiction as the City Councilman for District 47. 


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